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What our team says about us

What our team says about us

Why to join us?

A culture of technology and innovation

Opportunity to learn and grow

International and diverse team 

At Serafin innovation is at the core of what drives us on a daily basis. Being a Canadian company we have the opportunity to work hands in hands with government entities who believes in a sustainable and innovative market. The pace of new technology has never been this fast and it will never be this slow. Join Serafin and get your front row seat on ship to opportunity.

Solutions Serafin has been a constant growing business for almost 30 years. The secret behind growth is by keeping an open mind when it comes to growth. Solutions Serafin ventures are constantly reaching new territories. With electrification right around the corner, you can expect as an employee that you will always get the most up to date training when it comes to new technologies.

Solutions Serafin is a company founded in 1991 by a family who immigrated to Canada in 1958. Given the opportunity of a lifetime it is our ethos to protect one of Canada’s biggest legacy which is equality for all. To this day Solutions Serafin is still a family owned business. Our family has more than 20 different nationalities hopefully one day you will join us !

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Currently, there are no vacancies at Solutions Serafin. However, you can send us your CV to [email protected] and we will keep it in our database for future.