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Electrification & sustainable mobility

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Being in the first phase of development, the team is currently conducting various market studies to better understand the needs of the market and of our customers. For us, it is important to demonstrate to our customers that we have their long-term success and peace of mind in mind.

We are honor to announced that Solutions Serafin has started in 2020 a partnership with the Canadian government, Polytechnique University of Montreal (engineering academy)  to conduct 2 Ph.D research program on the maintenance of renewable energy driveline with self-healing programs as well as the optimization of the recharge infrastructure using artificial intelligence.

Transporting Canada to Sustainable Mobility

Synergie Serafin is a new division of Serafin Solutions specializing in the mass integration of electrification and transport automation. The products we serve range from electric / hybrid buses to hydrogen fuel trucks to automated port equipment, and many more. The evolution of the current industry offers a new set of unknowns such as:

  • How will the products work in harsh Canadian conditions like winter?
  • Comment Will this affect the way the vehicle charges?
  • Where will the used battery go?
  • Is the infrastructure put in place being used to their best capacity?
  • How accurate are the tools?
  • New electric vehicles are relatively quieter than conventional motors, but we notice a situation “pattern” or an electric hum maybe heard: how does the last affect the drive line?


In short, how do you integrate an entirely new technology into an already existing market in the best possible harmony?

As you have only recently discovered, electrification involves several new aspects, which is why we are currently in the research and development phase.

This is where educational institutions come in. In partnership with them, we offer the workforce of the future and different players in the industry to sit down together to prepare as best as possible for a green and conscious future.

It is with great pride that we embark on our first large-scale partnership with the University of Polytechnique in Montreal to invite students from across the world to join in the research!

« People learn in different ways but experience is the best teacher. »

Link below to join the partnership between Solutions Serafin & Université de Polytechnique : https://www.mitacs.ca/en/opportunity/929/view

For more up-to-date information on electrification, we invite you to become a member of Propulsion Québec, a government entity that brings together and guides different industries towards electrification : https://propulsionquebec.com/devenir-membre/

Since electrification will directly affect the lives of all Canadians, we invite you to inform yourself about the steps to come: Sustainable mobility policy 2020-2030 : https://www.transports.gouv.qc.ca/fr/ministere/role_ministere/DocumentsPMD/politique-mobilite-durable.pdf

Our partners in electrification

These are the same values ​​instilled more than 70 years ago in the mines in Belgium that we hold today. We are living proof that education can change a life. The thirst for learning knows no barrier or obstacle. Therefore we are very fortunate to be in communication with educational institutions all over the world. With electrification comes a new way of thinking, in the new air information is transparent and accessible to all.

One of our greatest pride as a Quebec company is to see other Quebec companies help each other.

Propulsion Québec is the association that connects all players in the electrification and automonation of transport. Small or large company, start-up or century-old company, at Propulsion Quebec you will find a vision like nowhere else.

We currently have in Quebec all the tools to become the metropolis of electrification. We have outstanding researchers in our schools, manufacturers, users, visionaries and parents wanting a better future for the next generation. Propulsion Quebec puts all the tools under one roof. Whatever your vision, at Propulsion Quebec you will find a site to help you.

The funding project very connected with the government is there to help Quebec companies build their dream so that it is viable.

The R&D project demonstrates the true power of Quebec, our vision. This project allows the great spirit to meet and discuss the possibilities that the future holds for us.

The talent and workforce project covers one of the most important points when it comes to implementing new technologies: The workforce.

Having already made its name as a renowned engineering institution, Université de la Polytechnique constantly seeks to promote innovation. Thanks to its avant-garde philosophy, the Polytechnique stands out for its ability to meet the needs of its industrial partners by developing new knowledge and cutting-edge technologies. Serafin Solutions and Polytechnique are currently in place of a mass integration project for electrification and transportation automation. This project, called Mitacs,

offers students an opportunity to continue their learning in the workplace and for Serafin Solutions and gives us the ability to stay abreast of the latest innovations. We invite you to visit their website if you would like more information.

According to a study conducted by Propulsion Quebec, 67% of companies do not have access to the training necessary to adapt to the new industry 4.0.

With ZF, Propulsion Quebec and Solutions Serafin we are currently in the process of creating a knowledge sharing program where ZF will share their know-how with us, which in turn brings back to Canada work that was previously out sourced abroad from has a lack of certification.

Dalimar became a good partner for us during a sound problem that we had with the hybrid buses dedicated to the roads of Quebec. Electric vehicles and Hybirds are supposed to be quiet, but what if they aren’t?

Dalimar Instrument is a family business founded in Quebec with the goal of assisting industrial analysis. Today, the second generation is focused on offering a broad range of analysis and post-analytical products for acoustic vibrations.

We saw in this new challenge the opportunity to standardize our methods so that it can be shared around the world. For more information, visit the Dalimar Instruments website.

The Canadian Urban Transportation Research and Innovation Consortium (CRITUC) focuses on research and innovation from the east coast to the west coast of Canada.

The L.I.V. is a research laboratory of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Sherbrooke dedicated to the integration and exploitation of on-board artificial intelligence in the automotive and road transport fields. The vast knowledge of L.I.V. of the Université de Sherbrooke is more than impressive to us.

With Dr. Denis Gingras at its head, the laboratory allows students to develop patents specific to Quebec. In our mission to make Canada one of the pioneers in electrification. It is therefore very important to underline the technological advances made in Quebec. We invite you to visit the laboratory’s website if you would like more information.

Scolor program

One of Quebec’s greatest strengths is undoubtedly our succession.

Indeed, it is thanks to academic institutions such as the Polytechnique of Montreal, the University of Sherbrooke, Dawson, the Cegep of St-Jérôme, the Montreal Motorized Equipment School, McGill University. and many more that we can say have a succession full of promise. It is the discoveries made by our young people that keep industries alive where innovation is key. To date, Serafin Solutions works with more than 30 educational institutions to offer our young people an opportunity to continue their learning outside of class!

Two institutions that have stood out through their dedication to research and innovation are the Intelligent Vehicles Laboratory at the University of Sherbrooke, orchestrated by Dr. Denis Gingras, and the Mitacs program at Polytechnique Montreal, directed by Dr. Wissem Mazzoun.